To play LovBirdz you have to be two players, invite your partner to join you and get to know each other better! 🫶

Choose a game mode and start the quiz, you will then be assigned a role:

  • answer the questions according to your own choices
  • or guess your partner's choices

Don't panic, the roles reverse in the middle of the game! Both of you can therefore try to guess the answers of their other half. 💕

After each question you will be able to discover your partner's answers and if you are on the same wavelength you will collect Plumz which you will later use to unlock superb looks for Chirpy! This little inseparable member of the parrot family will follow you throughout your adventure in LovBirdz, so take care of it! 😉

LovBirdz is designed to have fun no matter how far apart you are, on the other side of the couch or on the other side of the world, nothing can stop Chirpy from connecting you together! LovBirdz will allow you to share a moment together in a fun atmosphere. But for that you will have to be connected at the same time, so make sure to share your calendar with your other half.

If you have any questions regarding LovBirdz gameplay, do not hesitate to send a message to our customer support, accessible via the "Contact Us" button in the app. Our team will make sure to respond to you within 48 hours maximum. 😊